Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
It is amazing how with some time off (2 week vacation) how my natural body clock kicks in.... when it is given the option it will have me up until 1:00 - 3:00 in the Morning and to wake up around 10:30 - 12:30 in the it is going to be a real challenge come Monday morning but for now I'm loving it : )Update on my lack of motivation...... a little spark kicked in around 12: 00 am and I began to some of my To Do's ...... I have to focus on the fact that I'm making a little progress as small as it may be and I will be satisfied with that and hope that my wanting to get some exercise in on a daily basis is close behind. I attended my weekly WW meeting and it was stressed how we need to eat a varied menu.... I'm terrible about eating the sometime for days and sometimes weeks ..... it seems to work for me.... (I was kind of like that prior to WW). I would love to hear what you look forward to eating each day? I'm into WW strawberry Smoothies with granola ( I get in all my milk and Fruit/Veg for the day), Fiber One Yogurt.with a little granola... love them.... and WW Taco Soup.It's supposed to snow today.... I checked outside and no sign of it yet..... I think I will head to the stables early today to do Gracie's (my horse) daily chores and get back home..... I live in Texas and you don't want to be on the roads when Snow or Ice hit.... it is a wreck waiting to happen! We actually had snow on Christmas eve (a lot of it) and I wasn't able to get to the Family dinner.... I had gotten ready (dressed, made homemade Mac and Cheese, and made about 5 trips to the car to get all the presents in) Well after de-icing my car I headed out scared to death! I got about a mile from my home and began to hydroplane.......I was 5:00 and already dark..... I made the decision to turn around and head home.... and live another day.... I was so upset ... I was the only one who didn't make it.... but I was the only person who didn't have a man to drive them there and I was all alone..... I really wish I was in a relationship! diane aka Lucky Begonia

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