Saturday, October 27, 2007

Suri .....My Dancer name!

Hi all, Well I gave myself through yesterday to have my pity party but no more...I'm getting ready to go dancing, meeting some friends...I don't really feel like going ....I probably won't dance all night but oh well you h ave to jump out of your comfort zone. Good news is I got my Belly Dancing name approved, there can't be another dancer with the same name (I know I'm a little ahead of myself but oh well....It was approved....My Dancer name is "Suri" in Hebrew it means Princess,,

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hi all,

I'm still around....I thought I had found a great guy to date (eHarmony ) but all it took was 1 call from his exwife and now he isn't sure he is ready to move on......hell he was a terrific C&W dancer...3 step...we had 3 great dates a until Wed. nite we had a dinner date planned for tomorrow....I'm getting really tired of this dept of my just never seems to change. I know I shouldn't find my Happy place in someone was just so nice to have someone to talk

to in the evening and someone to be excited to get together with you .....hold your hand, that kind of stuff....I think I had 7 days of unbridled Happiness now I'm back to uncontrollable bauts of crying....I guess I'm not ready to give up the pitty party I'm throwing for myself although I really want to feel better!
On the happier note I've taken up BellyDancing and adore it, I would go to a class every night If I could....the studio I'm taking froms motto is no one is too old or large to belly dance.....

it is celebrating being a woman and dancing! I can't tell you how much fun it is....I also have bought instructional DVD's so I can practice at home....