Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wigs, wigs a beautiful thing!

Hi all,
How is your long weekend going? Mine is very laid back, my only plans have been belly dancing lessons and I'm going to Scarborough Faire tomorrow which is closing day and is usually a little crazier than a normal day. I've gone about 7 times already, two times I was an ambassador for my Belly Dancing Studio which was very fun. I've gotten into this Ren thing which I would have bet against in the beginning. Each visit has been more fun than the previous one.

Oh by the way, during my first time down to Scarborough Faire I realized that short spiky salt and pepper hair doesn't play well as a belly dancer! The other dancers can buy those clip on pony tails etc So I decided that wigs was my solution! Ive gone wig wild and have discovered that I look pretty good as a blond and a red head especially a platinum blond....I've been missing out all these years....I won't be changing my hair color but it fun to have a different hair color and style every day
I feel like the Barbie doll that came with 3 different wigs, I love it!