Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Knit One.... Purl Two

Howdy y' everyone knows I've been experiencing a Major case of the Blues due to the uncertainty at work....(they will probably be informing us who will be laid off and who get the honor of remaining) it is so real now.....I think the day will be next Tuesday or Wednesday.....after the notification occurs everything will change instantly ..... some of my coworkers I will probably never see again. I've been getting every one's personal emails, cell # and address......the day it hits it will be too late. I've taken some of my things home just in case..... I feel like I may putting Bad Mojo out in the universe....but I'm sure the decisions have already been made and gone through Legal review. I would appreciate any and all Prayers.... the anxiety is really getting too me, two years ago I was involved in major Policy Violation Investigation as an really had an impact on me ..... so many peoples jobs on the line and all it went on for over 3 months.....after a month my heart was pounding so hard I could count the beats without touching my body......I could sleep ....I just couldn't shut it down....that is when all my other strange symptoms emerged.....about 5 specialists and no real answers other than having too much Iron in my blood and thank God it was caught before it destroyed my organs..... I'm being monitored on an ongoing basis.... Anyway almost 2 months into this Layoff situation my heart is pounding again and I can't sleep.....i do have med's for my stress/pounding heart but it puts on weight and I've had issues with I'm really not relying on it to solve my problem.....So recently I read a book about a gal who was going through a shocking divorce and the only thing that got her out of her major case of the Blues was learning how to Knit........she called it the New activity that is creative and you can just get lost in it. So guess what I did tonight....I went to my 1st Knitting much fun....I need to be practicing right now week we can elect to do a project, a shawl or a cool scarf.....I want to do the scarf.... any way I bit the bullet and spent the $ not knowing if I would have a job or not but I think it is just what I need with my Stress level being so High. I hope I haven't bored you....oh by the way I also did reactivate my LA Fitness membership....very little $ and it will help me shape up after I have been sitting around for almost 2 months.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great recipe - Taco Soup

I found this recipe on someone wonderful on line journal but it has been about a week and I can't remember whose I got it if it is yours please claim in a comment. I just made it and it is really yummy!

Taco Soup
1/2 pound ground beef (Lean beef)
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped green pepper
one 8 ounce can tomato sauce
1-1/2 cup water
one 16 ounce can stewed tomatoes (I used a can of Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes -Mexican style
one 16 ounce can kidney beans ( I used a can of Ranch Style - Pinto beans with Jalapenos)
1/2 envelope taco seasoning
Corn chips
Grated cheese
Sour cream

Brown ground beef & onion and drain fat when finished. Add water, green pepper, tomatoes, undrained beans, tomato sauce & taco seasoning mix Simmer all ingredients for about 1 hour. Serve soup in bowls topped with grated cheese & crumbled corn chips. An additional topping that's good is a dollop of Sour cream and Avacado. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Green Mile

I'm back at work with the rest of the walking on the street is that the people being impacted by the layoff will be informed on January 28th....the stress is getting to everyone.....tonight I got home around 7:30 and I was so tired I dropped the groceries on the counter, put a few things in the fridge and I couldn't get to the bed fast enough......Boy I had a flash back to 2 years ago when exhaustion would hit out of no where and I would almost have to lay down where every I was...I'm sure this extreme stress is bringing it back on plus the fact that I took myself off Mirapex without talking to the Dr. (I have a Dr appt in about 2 weeks....maybe their is something that will help without all the horrible side effects...weight gain etc.)
Guy update (the guy from the great News Years Eve date) in his last email he asked me a question so I answered his question on what I did on Sat night and absolutely no response back....I can see that he is on the dating web site many times a day without sending me even an email ..... he obviously is pursuing his next catch..... online dating never ceases to amaze is hard to compete with the ever non ending line of women standing in line for the same men... oh well I keep reminding myself that it just takes "1" .
night di

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi All,

Well back to the real world.....after 16 days off from work I'm heading back today...wouldn't you know that my sweet dog Teddy....(14 yrs old) has thrown up this morning and has the runs.....I can tell you I will make several trips home during the day to check on her!

As for my News Eve date it was FABULOUS......we supposed to meet at 7:00 but I had to change to 8:00 due to the apartment maintenance guys showing up to install a new dishwasher (I have been hand washing dishes for 21 days I wasn't about to turn them away....anyway I was an hour and a half behind schedule and hadn't even been to the stables to do my daily horsey chores....I called my date and it wasn't a problem at all ..... (good test to see how flexible he is and if he is a control freak so far so good.....
Well we meet in the parking lot around the downtown Main street area where there are a lot of restaurants and he was waiting in his truck.....when I first saw him I was thrilled that he was cuter in person Thank you Thank you Thank you!.....and I couldn't believe it but he brought me a bouquet of flowers (he had them in his truck and went back to get them....I'm sure he wanted to see me before he gave them to me, just in case I was uglier than my picture : )....that about knock me over! Our date was supposed to be a drink and dash date but we ended up having dinner and dancing the night away...we held hand and a smooch at midnight....we stayed until they closed the place down. He knew about every person in the place, I felt a little awkward but settled myself down and just went with the flow. He was so much fun and wanted to go to breakfast but I called it a night....I felt like I should end it on a good note and hopefully we would have a 2nd date. Well I got a terrific knock you off your feet kiss goodbye.....he asked me to call him to let him know I made it home ok... which I did. Over the weekend he went to his deer lease......I received 2 emails from him yesterday but no phone call.....I will have to wait and see if there will be a follow up date....I would be shocked if there wasn't...but I've been surprised in the past......he may just be playing the field...he is new to online dating and sometimes guys get the big head with how many woman are out their and ready to go out on a date.....(he dated someone over the summer and they broke it off with him and ended up dating a friend of his). Keep your fingers crossed that he actually calls me this week....if he doesn't I will have my answer!