Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lucky Begonia Fall 2013

I Have Been Away so Long!

Hi All,

It has been forever since I have posted but recently I am beginning to think about starting to Blog again and maybe take a swing at a Vlog.... I will post again soon...Right now I am getting ready to get together with the Fam (including my Sister, Niece, great Niece from Oklahoma...We are celebrating my Daddy O's 83rd birthday.... Amazing... I have to run to the Stable to do my horsey chores for Gracie and then dash home to get ready for the Celebration : ) I hope all is well in your world..... Oh By the way since my last postings I have fallen in Love with Planners/Organizers Gillio's, Van der Spek's, Filofax's, Franklin Covey's and Kate Spades!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010
I just yummed up a WW smoothie (made with milk) frozen strawberries and peaches, fiber 1 peach yogurt, vanilla and splenda.... to be honest I ate past the point of being satisfied .... now I feel guilty.... I'm trying to figure why I don't just stop but the rest in the freezer for a little be later...... I think it all boils down to the fact that I don't trust myself to allow myself to eat later (I guess I will always be a recovering anorexic even though it is more than 30 years ago)! I have come to realize that I will always have food issues and that is why I'm not trying to get to the low end of my height/weight range.... I know I always risk going over board and I don't want to do that again. I can tell you that food is always on my mind.As far as my indulgence this weekend.... no it isn't food related .... over the Christmas holidays I took 2 weeks of vacation...... the first week was filled with rushing around, shopping, wrapping presents..and always the daily trip to the barn to do my horsey chores.... by the 2nd the week I just wanted to stay at home and not go anywhere, I even resented having to get out of the apt to go to the stables, grocery store and WW being back at work the stress has been very intense and I'm anxiety in bulk everyday.... I know that I need to just "Be" for awhile so I'm trying to not push myself to Have to do anything.......I will go to the barn and I will most likely make it to my WW mtg tomorrow..... I'm sleeping as late as my body and my doggies will let me......I need to get back to "moving more" but I am just not a point to put pressure on myself.....sounds crazy doesn't it. I feel like I want to hit the Pause button on my life! diane
Thursday, January 14, 2010
Thank you llcomingore for the thoughful comment....i didn't know that dogs could get Alzethimers.either...the Vet said there is one drug used on humans that is also used on dogs....I will probably give that a go...with fingers crossed...Teddy (my Yorkie) has been with me through lifes ups and downs and my weight going up and down over the last 15.5 years.I waiting to find out the monthly cost of the meds and I'm sure the Vet doesn't have them on hand at his office......I don't know whether it is the stress of everything but my points just don't seem enough for me to be satisfied.... I know the solution is activity points..... I just have to force myself out of the dumps and get moving.... tonight is my Belly Dancing classes.... I am prepared with one combo so if I have to do a short free style.... I need to memorize more combo's to feel more prepared for whatever my teacher throws at us tonight.... Next week I'm going to start rehearsals for a performance at the Sweetheart Hafla held at the end of Feb. it is one of the many required performance to complete to move up to Advanced III.... it may be over a year before I'm even close.... I can't get the nerve up to perform a solo....when I do it will mostly likely be done a class graduation ceremony....I will have to select a very small class so it will be less frightening. Off to work.....bye diane
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
It was a so so day...I did add more filling foods today so I will focus on the things I did well.... I've been on maintenance since the end of Sept. and I know that food will always be an issue for me.... I need to get myself motivate and Move my head I know I need to but I just can't get myself to do it... I've been knee deep in the "Blues" since a few days before Christmas.... I'm having a terrible time shaking it.... I have moments when I feel like my old self but then I sent back into the blues...... I know I'm the only one that can get myself out of this. I'm off to bed ... a good night sleep will help... I need to get the focus and energy to watch some of my Belly dancing DVD's and come up with some dance combinations.... we are doing free style dancing during classes this month..... it is my least favorite thing to do.... I Freeze.... I so need to do some prep! Night diane
Sunday, January 10, 2010
Today's WW meeting was good.... perfect timing after being constantly hungry last week.... the meeting topic was Filling food.... I've been on WW since the end of April 2009 and I guess that I lost my focus on how to manage being hungry and I don't like eating small portions.....I feel like I'm missing out or my brain takes awhile for it to reach the satisfied threshold....that is also a good reason why I need to not eat so fast and focus on what I'm actually eating... I tend watch TV while I'm eating so it is easy not to pay attention and the next thing I know I have cleaned my plate : (Last night I tried one of the recipes out of a WW cookbook "Beer Can Chicken low points and very easy and tastie. I also made some low cal gravy from an envelope, Broccolli, green salad with cucumber, cherry tomatoes and Mushrooms on the chicken..... anyway lots of filling foods in that line up so I ate leftovers tonight.Diane
Saturday, January 09, 2010

Last night I know I was worn out from my action packed work week......and lack of enough sleep (I also have a medical issue - I have too much iron in my blood ..... it has some of the same symptoms-Exhaustion as anemia but can actually kill you if it gets to the point that the iron deposits in your organs).... I used to love it when I could get by on 5 hours of sleep a day. Any way there was so much I wanted to do last night but just didn't have the energy.....So I went to bed and I actually slept for 12 hours straight..... I know that sounds like I'm being a slug but I really could not function today with out getting that rest .... I am so thankful that Teddy and Lucy Lu (my doggies) bought in to sleeping that long... they are the best....this is when I'm glad that I live alone and can make the choose what I do with my time.I have been thinking about things that I want to focus on and do differently in 2010.... I want to take time each week to try out new recipes..... I have several years of the Cooking Light magazine, I have bought about 6 WW cookbooks and 5 of the WW cookbooks/magazine format that I found at the grocery store... it appears that they publish it about 5-6 times a year....usually the title is Recipes in 15 mins Recipes in 20 mins .... they are about $12 and are great.... and then there are the recipes located on this WW website... I tend to eat the same things at each meals for days on end and I need to add variety to my meals... I would love to know what your favorite meals or recipes are.... Please share.diane aka Lucky Begonia