Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

You asked for Pictures ....well you got them wanted belly dancing pictures so I uploade my Daughter Jennifer at her Belly Dancing graduation.....isn't she beautiful.....she there was a reason I bought all that belly dancing stuff over the last year...yeah validation!  Diane

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

nap time

Do you ever get hope from work and just want to go to sleep....that is the beauty of living alone your time is your time.....I haven't been sleeping well the last 3 Yorkie Teddy (she has early stages of Kidney disease) keeps waking me up through out the night, sometimes she is hungry sometimes she needs to go outside....anyway the result is not much uninterrupted sleep......tonight I worked late so I missed my turbo bellydancing class (I wasn't going to spend 4 dollars of gas to workout for less than half an hour) so I opted to take a 2 1/2 hour nap, when I laid down I really didn't think I would fall asleep....can you say dead to the world! So all I can tell you is that I'm losing ground this week on shaping up before Yaa Halla Ya'll! One dress rehearsal and class photo down 2 to go....tomorrow I have a private lesson for 2 of the dances that I have to test out on to go qualify to move up to the next level...directly after the private lesson it will be time for the 2nd dress rehearsal and class photo...I'm wearing a different costume and wig in each photo....why look the same in 3 photos in the same year book...keep um guessing or thinking your Crazy! night Diane

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More changes to the outfit, will the maddness ever stop!

Happy Sunday to all....Wow what 11 hours of sleep will do for you! I love to sleep in when I have no pressing to do's or to be's. It seems Sundays are the only day that is possible. Belly Dancing is pretty much that main componet of my life this days of course minus work which pays for the pleasure. I really enjoy every aspect of it, the challenge in moving up to the next level, the friends I have met, performing and of course all the great, beautiful, feminine, noisy pieces to a Belly Dancing costume. I'm still losing weight so I'm not really ready to alter the expensive beaded bra and belt set that I bought early in the year.....but it is so fun pulling together the perfect costume, my 2 for August continue to evolve...the skirt I'm wearing is a black chiffon that flows really well, I currently have a pair of harem pants that are black cotton....I bought some black eyelet fabric to make harem pants but I'm considering to buy some black chiffon ....even though  they are shear I will have a shawl wrapped around my skirt plus a shimmy belt so my essential have no chance of being I will have of course have "unders" on......I think the Chiffon harem pants will be the perfect choice, I wonder chiffon is hard to sew....anyone Know?  Saturday I bought a black shawl with gold pastelletes hanging all over it.....the shimmy belt will go on top of it......I think the shawls will add a nice layered effect! I don't know if you remember that I bought a portable DVD player....I'm finally using it .....currently I'm watching the 1st season of the Gilmore Girls....I love the little "Dialogue Zingers" that all through out show.  bye for now Diane

Friday, July 18, 2008

Presto Chango

Everyday it seems I'm making changes to the 2 belly dancing costumes for the big performance in August, I was at the Belly Dancing studio late last night...classes are lasting longer in preparation and then I shopped for about 45 minutes trying everything far within the last 7 days I have bought 2 shimmy belts, a longer accent scarf with fringe and a veil. On Saturday I want to get another accent scarf for the 2nd outfit.

I'm getting excited.....Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Aziza, Artimis, Fathem ......etc.will be here and I will be taking their workshops and seeing them perform live....way cool!

Bye for now.....Diane

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Belly Dancing show update

Well time is moving fast the Big show is less than 5 weeks away, in my Monday class we are already having a dress rehersal on the 21st ......I will have to spend some time finishing of the bra portion of the outfit, I'm doing 2 dances and I think I will change out the bra, arm sleeves, shimmy belt and jewelry (one outfit will black-pink accents, silver jewely and the 2nd one black/gold accents and gold jewelry. It's going to be Exciting....I don't know exactly what I'm going to wear for the photo session probably the black and gold and the fuscia silk veil.....

No Way

Guess, the guy I had a date with on the 4th of the end of the date I had the feeling that there wasn't going to be a next in day out no contact, no emails.....then on the 9th day a surprise email from him....he had a great time and wants to plan a 2nd date....if it really will probably be in a few weeks because he has his 2 daughters for 2 weeks beginning was just nice to know that maybe I'm not such a loser as I was beginning to believe.


National Baby Watch ....Baby Panda that is!

Did you know that the National Zoo in Washington DC have 2 cams where you can watch the daily lifes for the Panda at the zoo. The Momma Panda maybe about to have a baby.......they aren't exactly sure if she really is with baby....Pandas can have pseudo it is just wait and see.....check it out.....wouldn't be cool to witness the first days of a baby pandas life especially since they are endangered. Got to love something so Big, Roundy and Cuddly.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday....Happy Friday

It's Friday .....happy days are here again...for a short work week it sure has seemed long.....after being off for 6 days the reentry can be hard. Well tomorrow I have 2 bellydancing classes and in the turbo bellydancing it is weigh in day ....yuck....I think I'm going to have to start focusing on just adding more exercise to my week and less focus on the food aspect...the minute I'm on a diet I'm hunger all day long....

Well our big Belly Dancing performance is about 5 weeks away....I can dance 3 different dance because I go to 3 different advanced one classes.....the Thursday night class' dance is is a choreography that I know but it has zills added to ask me dance and play brain hasn't caught on yet....there is also a Wed mid day class....I love the dance they are doing.....I'm thinking about taking some vacation time and attending maybe their class the last 3 weeks if I can perform their dance....I needed to talk to Isis and get her blessing.....the class members may not like it but hey they will get over it! Besides one of the requirements is that I have to perform it to move up to the next level.....hopefully I will be prepared to test out of 3 of the required 4 dance test outs after Yaa Halla Ya'll in Sept....that is my goal.....I need to get off my kester and practice at home.....the problem is I live in a small apt with a very, tiny living is the only area that I can dance in....oh well I just need to do it ...later Diane

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

May have to count sheep

Couldn't sleep Monday night....maybe 2 1/2 hours and last night maybe 4 1/2 is no wonder that on the weekends when I'm sleeping good I can sleep up to 13 hours...they say you can't make up sleep but i don't agree! Tonight is Turbo Belly Dancing....on Saturday's weigh in I had lost about 6 lbs in 4 weeks....I've lost ground over the last few days....depressing getting on the scales when it is going in the wrong direction....I'm trying not to get bummed....hopefully it is water weight!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Well I did end up having a date on July 4th, this time I really enjoyed myself but know by the end of the evening that I would never hear from him again.....and I was right. My 1st hint was when he asked "Do you have to go to the stables everyday" followed by "Well how long does it take you" then the finale statement when he had some idea how much $ it takes a month to own a horse he said something like he couldn't support that or he couldn't buy into that......the way I took his statement was that if we ended up together it wouldn't be acceptable for that much on my income to go towards a horse.....if he felt that way he sure wouldn't like the $ I spend for Belly Dancing classes.... costumes... wigs... BellyDancing instructional DVD's etc..... and the fact that I still help my daughter out with $.......I guess it is better to know it isn't going any where early on but I really think he was putting the cart before the HORSE in this case LOL! Like I thought I'm the Queen of 1st Love Bug in my Future......I guess I have a Huge L on my forehead for being the Biggest Loser on the dating scene! Diane


Friday, July 4, 2008

There is hope for a date tonight

Happy 4th to everyone, I have  no special plans for today, the only  plans other than Belly dancing classes is going out to lunch on Sunday with my Mom, Aunt and Sister. Well much to  my surprise a guy that I had winked at on Match actually called last night, we talked for over an hour....well he is playing golf this afternoon but we may get together for a drink tonight....that would be really would be nice to get my mind occupied with something positive.....I have been focusing my thoughts on 3 years ago....that was when Brett unceremoniously ended our 3 1/2 year relationship in the cruelest of all the break up's that I have live through. I keep telling myself that I should be over the anger/hurt but for some reason it is there.Maybe expressing it here will help me move through those negative know it isn't the fact that he didn't want to be with me anymore it is how COLD he was....almost unhuman like that cut me to the quick.....he must have really hated me is all I can think. to be so, so ugly. I have to weigh in tomorrow at my Turbo bellydancing class....bummer I don't think I have lost plan was to only eat poptarts and drink slimfast today in hopes that the water I'm retaining would depart before 10:00 tomorrow....if I go out for drinks that kind of blows that plan....but I have to be flexible and not get rigid like I was back in my aneroxic days when I would only eat certain foods and not have any social life that would take me into eating situations...i.e. eating out.   Diane

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The joy of Wigs

Hi all....well I have to tell you that I'm sitting here in another wonderful wig.....a stylish Platinum white, long page boy cut wig...I really haven't worn it out in public but I'm going to venture out to do some is definitely a eye grabber and you have to be in the just the right mood or should I say attitude to wear it....I will have to let you know how it goes! This is my 2nd day of vacation and I had all these plans for things I wanted to get to during this time seems I only have enough energy to go to Belly dancing classes and the stables daily and then I'm tapped....sickly tired....I'm hoping whatever was wrong with me last year isn't reappearing it's ugly head....never could determine the root cause....I'm not sure if Hemochromotosis can cause extereme exhaustion.....I should be happy I have the energy to take 5 Belly dancing classes a was so much worse not that long ago when I could barely walk up the flight of stairs to get to my apt. I guess I have to be happy with where I'm at and accept living in a messy abode. Maybe it a good thing I don't have a man in my life apt would be daughters are good about understanding, Thank God for my wonderful daughters! d

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation has begun

Well Freida I'm changing my font for you.....I hate that you had trouble reading my entries, but happy that you went to so much trouble messing with the font so you could read......I really appreciate you reading my journal and leaving me is your garden looking.....can you send me your link again to your journal ....maybe you can post some photos of your summer garden?  Well no dates in the past week and hardly any interest from the fellows on the dating site.....I keep praying that God will bless me with a wonderful Man to at least date and share some time with soon......I guess finding a Man that will appreciate  me and all my quirkiness....Belly Dancing...Wigs of many colors....oh well life with me wouldn't be dull. I'm going to attempt to add a picture of  me in my Platinum Blonde wig!