Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Last night I know I was worn out from my action packed work week......and lack of enough sleep (I also have a medical issue - I have too much iron in my blood ..... it has some of the same symptoms-Exhaustion as anemia but can actually kill you if it gets to the point that the iron deposits in your organs).... I used to love it when I could get by on 5 hours of sleep a day. Any way there was so much I wanted to do last night but just didn't have the energy.....So I went to bed and I actually slept for 12 hours straight..... I know that sounds like I'm being a slug but I really could not function today with out getting that rest .... I am so thankful that Teddy and Lucy Lu (my doggies) bought in to sleeping that long... they are the best....this is when I'm glad that I live alone and can make the choose what I do with my time.I have been thinking about things that I want to focus on and do differently in 2010.... I want to take time each week to try out new recipes..... I have several years of the Cooking Light magazine, I have bought about 6 WW cookbooks and 5 of the WW cookbooks/magazine format that I found at the grocery store... it appears that they publish it about 5-6 times a year....usually the title is Recipes in 15 mins Recipes in 20 mins .... they are about $12 and are great.... and then there are the recipes located on this WW website... I tend to eat the same things at each meals for days on end and I need to add variety to my meals... I would love to know what your favorite meals or recipes are.... Please share.diane aka Lucky Begonia

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