Sunday, January 17, 2010

On Thursday I dropped by my WW location because I had a question..... I achieved lifetime back the end of Sept so the rules are still new to me.... I went to a WW meeting on Sunday and did a No Weigh in... (I don't weigh weekly offically at the meeting but do weigh weekly at home) but I like to have a record of the meetings I attend.... well that came back to haunt me today.... I went into do my official January weigh in and I couldn't because I had done a No Weigh in on Sunday.... so I can't weigh in until tomorrow.... doesn't really make sense to me as a Lifetime member that hasn't weighed in since 12/01/09.... I can understand why they don't want members to do more than one offical weigh in a week but in this instant it didn't make any sense.....I was upset because I had checked before going in this morning and was told that I would be able to do my offical weigh in today. Why I have an issue with this is the day prior to weigh in I eat less (mainly eat yogurt and a smoothie, eat nothing salty and I don't eat or drink until I weigh in at WW, the meeting tomorrow is at 2:30 that is a long time to go without eating or drinking..... I guess I will stay up really late tonight so I sleep until 12:00 and only have about 2 hours to wait to weigh in....The problem is that I go back to work on Monday and I'm sure I won't be able to go to bed when I need to if I sleep until noon.... so much for planning! The GOOD NeWs is that I actually lost a pound since my official Dec.weigh in..... lets hope that I can do it at tomorrows weigh in.... I hold water so that can really effect my weigh ins..... sorry I'm rambling but I'm upset! diane

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