Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is anyone one out there.....Hello

I think I'm the only one that reads my there anyone else out there .....Hello....I would love some comments.................
I went to a Bellydancing Hafla  last night,,,I wore  my Platinum Blonde asymmetrical cut wig and everyone seemed to love it......the dancers were wonderful .....maybe someday soon I will have the guts to get up there and dance in front of a will be my goal within the next year to do it....I didn't realize that I was so tired....I slept for 13...count them 13 hours.....when I woke up I found out that Gracie's stall had flooded last night.....I've been at the barn for about 4 hours, thank Goodness 2 friends took pity on me and pitched in to strip her stall, get the standing water out about 100 degree plus high humidity.....boy I have calories in the bank.....What's for dinnner....yummy.   I have enrolled in a Turbo Belly Dancing class called "Fit or Bust" we are supposed to be writing down everything that touches our month..count calories.....I was an Anorexic and tend to go overboard when I focus on calories....I tired it for a week and have decided to do what is best for me and just track whether I only eat when I'm hungry and stop as soon as I feel full......I don't want to classify foods as good foods and bad foods ....I want a way to manage my weight for a life time. We were supposed to turn in our sheets for the last 3 weeks and I just handed in my daily exercise tracking sheet. My instructor didn't get on my case which I was happy about....I have lost between 3-4 lbs in three weeks. I have started to weigh myself which I can get over zealous...but so far so good.

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Bevy of Bellydancers

It's been forever since I've dropped a line...more oof the same ....first dates that are either nice but no spark or just straight out NO WAY!  My Mom says I need to write a book on all my online dating sites 1st dates.....maybe....who knows....
My daughter Jennifer graduates from the 1st level of belly dancing tomorrow night....I'm so proud and then Robin will graduate the end of September.....In my family we are going to be a Bevy of Bellydancers!