Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Slender75... I can't believe that you are also a belly dancer..... that is great! I too need to improve my belly rolls, flutters ect... for me I think it may take years to wake up the muscles that were unused for so long! When I was loading up my pictures on my WW page I ran across pictures from my Graduation (April "08) and I was horrified! With WW help I am less hesitant to show my stomache...although if you notice in the pictures I always have some kind of adornment that covers up my belly.... (the dreaded cellulite I acquired from fast weight gain due to taking medication) I am beginning to accept my body as it is and working to improve it. I turned 50 this year and it did a real head trip on me......I can't tell you how often the thought (I'm to old to do/ to try this) I'm trying to go back to the way I thought at 40- 45 and just do it.....Life is too short. Slender75 I would love to hear more about your BD classes... have you performed? Off to the Dr for my 1st bone scan... how I hate getting up early when it isn't a work day! I' still trying to decide whether I should go to my Bible Studies News Years eve party.... that guy who hasn't called in over a week is going to be there.....not sure I want to be in such a small space (I'm new to the group and don't know that many of the people).... I will let you know.....If I do go I want to look smashing! bye di

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