Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just Now

Just now getting my exercise in for the day.....I slept until 11:00 not as bad as it sounds I wasn't in bed until 2:00. I was exhausted so I intended to sleep as long as my body needed.... I probably could have slept longer but my poor pug Miss Lucy Lu is crated at I got up for her sake.... she is so undemanding! Anyway I did not want to exercise today .... in fact this feeling of dread began last weekend.I'm trying to work myself through it and just do it but I have to be able to give myself a day off with out quilt!
About 5 years ago a acquired a wonderful LuLu Parr wall hanging and a Lady of Guadalupe alter created by the wonderful artist KC Willis .... in the past at least once a year I would splurge a buy some type of creation by an artist.....for the last 4 years since my break up with Brett I haven't purchased anything....through Blogspot, twitter or facebook I ran across KC Willis again .... lo and behold she had a birthday (she turned 53) about a week ago and she sold her creations at 53% off the normal sale price..... I went crazy and bought 3 pieces and one is really large called Fallen Angels and 2 Annie Oakley pieces....I also bought her workshop on DVD so I too could attempt to create some terrific wall hanging.... of course I had to buy a ink jet printer for the photo transfers... a sewing machine with decorative stitches (I actually have bought 2 sewing machines is the last week.... one may go back...I haven't made my mind up ....I'm waiting for the 2nd one to arrive) This is my flaw....I go way over board when it comes to my passions, Art, Belly Dancing...Books....I do try to keep it in check but sometimes I just go haywire!
Well I have to go back and get another 30 minutes in (Leslie Sasone DVD) Ciao.... di

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Besides re-emerging myself back into Belly Dancing, 10 weeks of working on losing weight and exercising everyday and now I'm feeling the need to express myself creatively.....not sure what form it will take but in the last 2 days I have made 2 trips to Fed Ex (making tons of copies for potentioal art projects) 2 trips to Michael's and a trip to Jo Ann's today....I'm also going to have to go through my boxes where I'm storing my art supplies.... I know I'm buying things that I already have....My inspiration is coming from artist KC Willis, Claudine Hellmuth, Sandra Evertson and Susan Somerset Magazines....they are fabulous!

Oh by the way this afternoon I was watching Mystery Diagnosis on TLC .......they were giving teasers about the story in the 2nd half of the program ...... I knew exactly what was wrong with him.... I had lived it myself less then 2 years ago... a living was Hemochromatosis.....too much Iron in your blood.... if it isn't found out in time you can actually die as the iron is deposited in your organs .....I feel exhaused much of the is hard to continue with life as you knew it... Oh well least when they put a name to what you have you can feel relieved that you are going crazy. Di

Guess what?

I actually have a 1st date Friday night..... that is the up side, the down side is sticking to my diet....he has asked to take me to there will be wine....Oh well I haven't allowed myself to pursue dating for the last 6 months... mainly due to my need to focus on work but I think I need to take the plunge...scared or not.