Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not so Bad

Not so bad
I thought this weigh in would be hopeless..... but I just got back and I loss almost 1 lb.... not my best week but heck I didn't gain. Last week I screwed up taking my birth control on time so that may have thrown my body into havoc.....I will just party on and take each day as it comes, I have the tendency to be pretty crazy about dieting ..... as with my new approach to belly dancing I need to just be proud of myself for all I have accomplished and not get so upset when things don't happen on my time frame. I do want to challenge myself to continue to do more than just walking on the treadmill....Over the last 2 weeks I've gone to Latin Rhythm dance class, Aqua Aerobics, Belly Dancing, Lesile Sasone Walking Aerobics w/ weighted balls and Weight Watchers Aerobic DVD. I need to break out one of my 50 Belly Dancing DVD's and give myself a crash course on the basic moves of Belly dancing....it is amazing how much your brain can dump when you are not using the skill.....hopefully it is like other muscle a little fine tune up and it will bounce back into my brain (Massive Stress doesn't help with memory either)!I recently ordered 2 bathing suits from Lands End (for Aqua Aerobics class) the first one arrived and there was virtually no bar in it.....no way was I going to go to LA fitness in a light tangerine colored suit with no bra..... the cool thing was that you can return the items at Sears, no need to ship it back to Lands End..... so when they offer free shipping it off sets the Taxes and if it doesn't work out just head for the nearest Sears.....so Cool... now that is being customer friendly! Di
Wow..... I just wrote a long hard felt blog entry and poof it was gone......I'm not Happy. Up early trying to decide if I will get up early on a vacation day for my weekly weigh in at Weight watchers ...yesterday I weighed here at home and it wasn't good....up 3 lbs....how is that possible when I've been within my daily points and exercised everyday...granted not my banner week in the exercise dept. but really. I just weighed and I'm about what I was last weigh in may be with the help of some bodily functions between now and 9:30 maybe I will lose at least 1/2 lb. I just don't want there to be a weight gain.... I would be so disappointed. One area where I pushed myself last week was going back to Belly Dancing class at my old studio, I hadn't been in over 8 months ( I had kind of a MeLt DoWn......I was going overboard...pushing myself way too hard.....8 hours or more of classes a week, all the classes learning different dances....plus I had tested out within record time to another level and dealing with some really competitive dancers.....I began to lose confidence in my dancing abilities and it wasn't fun any more and then the Biggie was a huge lay off scare at work.....took every ounce of energy I had ...... trying to make sure I didn't have a huge screw up at work when they were in there decision making of the lucky few who would remain. Just too much Stress) I had recently also gotten rid of all the thousands of dollars worth of costumes, zills, shimmie scarfs, DVD's, Wigs and music but 2 friends asked me if I was still dancing (one blogger friend) and a friend from the studio asked me to come back.... I don't know something just clicked and the desire to dance began to work it way back into my heart (plus I missed the personal identification of being a dancer...silly I know but it was like the creative side of me was wasting away). Well, I took the plunge and called the owner of the studio to ask her #1 would she allow me to return #2 could I come back into the upper level class that I had tested out to be in...... to my surprise she said a big Yes and told me that she had missed me terribly.... Well, I went last Thursday night with the intention of doing it for the love of the dance and when to of the ladies in the class were making fun of others that weren't catching on as fast as they were..... I just thought how silly they were acting..... I may perform at the Huge event in mid August.... if I don't that is OK too. Diane

Friday, June 19, 2009

I found this fun activity on Senorita's fabulous blog (I took some ?'s out so the #'s are wrong)

1.What Time is it now? 9:52 am
2.What is your full name? Diane Marie
3.Single or taken? Single
4.What does your name mean? Must mean Love
5.Who picked out your name? parents I get to pick my nickname
6.What's your nickname? Di or Birdie
8.What colour are your eyes? Hazel change from green to brown and in between
9.Do you have an innie or an outie? Innie
10.What size are your shoes? use to be a 7 until I had 2 daugthers now 8 - 8 1/2
How tall (or short) are you? 5 ft 3.5 inches
.Honestly what do you like about yourself? My eyes and eyelashes
14.What do you always get complimented on? My hair
15.What is your worst quality? I get overwhelmed lately and need a lot of down time to myself/selfish with my time
16.Do you think you're cute? my personality is cute
18.Hair colour? Salt and Pepper
19.Do you wear contacts? No
20.Living Arrangements? Owned by a Pug and a Yorkie
21.Favourite Drink? Diet Coke or Iced Tea with a ton of lemons and splenda
22.Favourite month? December Ho Ho Ho
24.Favourite Food? Pizza, Ice Cream Cake, Pie Hamburgers and Chicken fried steak and mashed Potatoes .... no wonder I'm on Weight Watchers
25.Favourite Board Game? prefer card games
26.Favourite Web Site?
27.Favourite Clothing Brand?
28.Favourite day of the Year? Christmas
29.Favourite colour? Have a few Red/Pink/Fushia/Orange
30.Favourite Animal? Pugs
~31.Do you have more girl or boy friends? Girls
33.Are your parents together? Not for a long time
34.How often do you get together with the family? Montly lunchs with my Mom and Aunt & Holidays
35.Do you tell your parents or your friends more? I can tell my Mom anything
36.Anything special about your parents? Mom is a terrific cook and my Dad is always knee deep in an interest....I get those attributes from them : )
40.You Mean? No
42.You can keep secrets? Yes
43.You dance in front of the mirror? Totally, at Belly dancing class
!44.Sing in the shower? no but I do in the car
46.You like Britney Spears? NO
47.You've liked a cousin? yup
48.You've been in the opposite sexes bathroom? by accident
49.You've seriously hurt someone? yes break ups are hard
50.You've been hurt seriously? a lot
53.r u willing to try new things? yes
57.What are you wearing? Pajamas
58.What are you listening to? My dog Lucy Lu chewing on a rawhide.
60.How are you feeling? I just woke up but I'm tired....not getting quality sleep I guess
61 .How's the weather? Hot as Hades
65.What's on your mouse pad? 2 cute Yorkies
66.What books are you reading? Harry Potter series
GIRLS ONLY*~ - down 2 da knitty gritty hey?
67.How many lip glosses do you have? none, I like lipstick glosses feel horrible
68.What perfume do you use? Aromatics
69.What's in your purse? too much to mention
70.Thong or regular panties? Panties
71.Tall or short men? prefer taller
72.Blonde or brown haired guys? Brown
75.Long hair or short hair on men? Normally short
76.What do you find annoying in a guy? always looking for your replacement
77.What's the first thing you notice about guys? smile
.What did you have for dinner? Lean Cuisene Parmsean crusted fish broccolli and steamed Mushrooms WW key Lime yogurt and Fat Free Cool Whip.
What are you hoping for? A great relationship, someone to share the ups and downs with
92.What movie do you really want to see? Broken up
95.Where is your favourite place to travel? Want to go to Canada
96.What did you last dream about? Men I've dated
.Last thing you ate? diet bread
98.If you were a crayon what colour what would you be? A swirl of barbie pink, red purple and orange
99.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My Daughter Robin and my DaddyO
102.Ever had a crush on a teacher? yes
103.Are you too shy to ask someone out? yes
104.Scary movies or happy ending? Must end happy or I won't watch it
105. Summer or winter? Spring
106. One night stands or relationships? relationships
107.Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
108.Do you want your friends to write back?it would be fun
111.What did you do last night? Worked late, barn chores Walmart Home dinner and TV
112. What time is it now? 10:21 am

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wow.....I've been gone for a long time...sorry for that! My focus over the past 7 weeks has been Work of course and Weight Watchers & lots of walking.......I'm seeing a some progress.....15 lbs down since I joined 7 weeks ago. I'm not even sure what my weight loss goal is....my thought is I will know it when I see. The critical mass is gone......it's amazing how you can gain some additional weight and it is like a tipping point....you look huge....I could tell a big difference after I lost the 1st eight.......My first offical goal is 16 lbs and hopefully I should hit that at Tuesdays weigh in..... I want to be a MiNi me of myself.... diane