Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, January 03, 2010

My 2nd weigh in for January (you can read my previous blog entry for details) well I was really upset that I had to go and weigh for the 2nd time but it my weight went down by 1.2 pounds..... I'm sure it is a fluke but it made me feel good about the choices I had made during the holidays ..... I intended to celebrate with eating real pizza tonight from Pizza Hut....I decided against it and decided to try Weight Watchers mini pizza at 5 pts a serving......they were great.... I did dress it up a bit with some spicy hamburger, fat free cheese and Classico's pasta sauce with Itailian Sausage...very low pts for 1/2 of a cup and so delicious (a great discovery!)... a green salad, with black eyed peas and with Italian Ranch dressing by Hidden Valley....I only used 1 tbls. I spoke to my leader and she is inspiring me to aim for earning the WW 25 lb. token.... I will have to think about it.... if I'm to lose anymore it is probably going to have to be by exercise.Back to work tomorrow after a 2 week vacation.... I hate to think of what faces me... oh the emails.... hopefully everyone else was on vacation also : )

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