Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Thank you llcomingore for the thoughful comment....i didn't know that dogs could get Alzethimers.either...the Vet said there is one drug used on humans that is also used on dogs....I will probably give that a go...with fingers crossed...Teddy (my Yorkie) has been with me through lifes ups and downs and my weight going up and down over the last 15.5 years.I waiting to find out the monthly cost of the meds and I'm sure the Vet doesn't have them on hand at his office......I don't know whether it is the stress of everything but my points just don't seem enough for me to be satisfied.... I know the solution is activity points..... I just have to force myself out of the dumps and get moving.... tonight is my Belly Dancing classes.... I am prepared with one combo so if I have to do a short free style.... I need to memorize more combo's to feel more prepared for whatever my teacher throws at us tonight.... Next week I'm going to start rehearsals for a performance at the Sweetheart Hafla held at the end of Feb. it is one of the many required performance to complete to move up to Advanced III.... it may be over a year before I'm even close.... I can't get the nerve up to perform a solo....when I do it will mostly likely be done a class graduation ceremony....I will have to select a very small class so it will be less frightening. Off to work.....bye diane

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