Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday, January 01, 2010
Well, I forced myself to go to my Bible studies group New Year's eve party.... reason # 1 I didn't want to go - most all of the people that I have gotten to know over the last 4 months since I began going to the group weren't going to be at the party.... # 2 The guy who had been calling wanting to get to know me better and abruptly stopped after his daughter came home from college (I met her at Christmas service ... she made absolutly no effort to talk to me....and after that that he stopped calling .. she is a Daddy's girl and I guess she didn't want anyone else in the picture) anyway he had RSVP'ed that he was attending.Well even though I didn't want to go I did force myself to go for at least a little while.I was so surprised that HE wasn't there..... I don't know why... of course my mind went to " is he sick.... did something happen to him?" His Best friend and didn't mention anything about why HE wasn't at the party.... my guess he was at home celebrating with his daughter. I probably won't ever know why he wasn't there but the important thing is that I went even though I knew I would be uncomfortable... I ended up staying the entire time and met some new friends..... The 2nd good thing is that I didn't eat a bite of food and came home and ate Taco Soup.... I did allow myself to eat a few bites of pecan pie so I wouldn't feel like I'm denying myself everything..... the only thing I want to eat that I haven't had in 8 months is a good piece of pizza... and not a low calorie piece.... after I weigh in for January I think I will allow myself to have a couple of pieces....I know that food is a good reward but heck it has been 8 months....

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