Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation has begun

Well Freida I'm changing my font for you.....I hate that you had trouble reading my entries, but happy that you went to so much trouble messing with the font so you could read......I really appreciate you reading my journal and leaving me is your garden looking.....can you send me your link again to your journal ....maybe you can post some photos of your summer garden?  Well no dates in the past week and hardly any interest from the fellows on the dating site.....I keep praying that God will bless me with a wonderful Man to at least date and share some time with soon......I guess finding a Man that will appreciate  me and all my quirkiness....Belly Dancing...Wigs of many colors....oh well life with me wouldn't be dull. I'm going to attempt to add a picture of  me in my Platinum Blonde wig!

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frdbrow7 said...

OOPs, I just left a comment on a later entry asking for a pic of you in your wig!  It IS fabulous - I would love a hairstyle like that.  Thanks for changing the font :-)
I am so busy out in the garden at the moment that I haven't done an entry in my journal for ages, but I did put some pics of my garden in a few entries from last year (heavens  - is it that long ago! )
This is the link to one of my journals