Tuesday, July 15, 2008

National Baby Watch ....Baby Panda that is!

Did you know that the National Zoo in Washington DC have 2 cams where you can watch the daily lifes for the Panda at the zoo. The Momma Panda maybe about to have a baby.......they aren't exactly sure if she really is with baby....Pandas can have pseudo pregnacies......so it is just wait and see.....check it out.....wouldn't be cool to witness the first days of a baby pandas life especially since they are endangered. Got to love something so Big, Roundy and Cuddly.


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frdbrow7 said...

Saw a prog. on TV recently showing the birth of a panda, it was so-oo tiny! like a little pink worm.  I agree that baby pandas are just adorable, but wouldn't want those sharp claws pounding my lap prior to a cuddle =:-O  It's bad enough when my cats do it.........
hope all is well with you :-D