Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Well I did end up having a date on July 4th, this time I really enjoyed myself but know by the end of the evening that I would never hear from him again.....and I was right. My 1st hint was when he asked "Do you have to go to the stables everyday" followed by "Well how long does it take you" then the finale statement when he had some idea how much $ it takes a month to own a horse he said something like he couldn't support that or he couldn't buy into that......the way I took his statement was that if we ended up together it wouldn't be acceptable for that much on my income to go towards a horse.....if he felt that way he sure wouldn't like the $ I spend for Belly Dancing classes.... costumes... wigs... BellyDancing instructional DVD's etc..... and the fact that I still help my daughter out with $.......I guess it is better to know it isn't going any where early on but I really think he was putting the cart before the HORSE in this case LOL! Like I thought I'm the Queen of 1st dates.......no Love Bug in my Future......I guess I have a Huge L on my forehead for being the Biggest Loser on the dating scene! Diane



frdbrow7 said...

Well he seemed like he was preparing for getting his feet under the table pretty early on!  What a shame that he didn't take some time getting to know you and having fun as two new people, every relationship doesn't have to end as a permanent thing.  Also - it is YOUR hard earned money looking after the horses, not his, but then again, perhaps he thought you would not be able to invest as much time in him as you have to do with your horses.  You need to find yourself a feller who's into horses as much as you are.
I know it's nice to have a feller, but being independant and able to do your own thing without having to answer to anybody else is pretty good too :-D


wallstreetsmart said...

You know, a good, healthy man would appreciate the fact that you.......

1.) Have an income and CAN TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF
2.) Have things that interest you which means that YOUR LIFE WON'T REVOLVE AROUND HIM AND THEREFORE WON'T SUFFOCATE HIM
3.) These hobbies make you happy and a happy woman is fun to be around.

Because he couldn't recognize these things, you are better off without him.

Instead of enjoying the date with you and focusing on getting to know you first, he was more focused on the logistics of a relationship.