Friday, July 4, 2008

There is hope for a date tonight

Happy 4th to everyone, I have  no special plans for today, the only  plans other than Belly dancing classes is going out to lunch on Sunday with my Mom, Aunt and Sister. Well much to  my surprise a guy that I had winked at on Match actually called last night, we talked for over an hour....well he is playing golf this afternoon but we may get together for a drink tonight....that would be really would be nice to get my mind occupied with something positive.....I have been focusing my thoughts on 3 years ago....that was when Brett unceremoniously ended our 3 1/2 year relationship in the cruelest of all the break up's that I have live through. I keep telling myself that I should be over the anger/hurt but for some reason it is there.Maybe expressing it here will help me move through those negative know it isn't the fact that he didn't want to be with me anymore it is how COLD he was....almost unhuman like that cut me to the quick.....he must have really hated me is all I can think. to be so, so ugly. I have to weigh in tomorrow at my Turbo bellydancing class....bummer I don't think I have lost plan was to only eat poptarts and drink slimfast today in hopes that the water I'm retaining would depart before 10:00 tomorrow....if I go out for drinks that kind of blows that plan....but I have to be flexible and not get rigid like I was back in my aneroxic days when I would only eat certain foods and not have any social life that would take me into eating situations...i.e. eating out.   Diane


frdbrow7 said...

Did you ever ask Brett why he ended the relationship in that way?  Perhaps it WAS painful for him and that was the only way he could think of bring the relationship to a final, finality.
I think men can be like that.  But onwards and upwards - I say! Hope you have fun with your date - wish I could wink!  ;-)


wallstreetsmart said...

Wow, men can be so cold sometimes. Who cares why he ended it and what his reason was. The mere fact that he was acting so cold is reason enough that you do not deserve a douchebag like that.