Sunday, July 20, 2008

More changes to the outfit, will the maddness ever stop!

Happy Sunday to all....Wow what 11 hours of sleep will do for you! I love to sleep in when I have no pressing to do's or to be's. It seems Sundays are the only day that is possible. Belly Dancing is pretty much that main componet of my life this days of course minus work which pays for the pleasure. I really enjoy every aspect of it, the challenge in moving up to the next level, the friends I have met, performing and of course all the great, beautiful, feminine, noisy pieces to a Belly Dancing costume. I'm still losing weight so I'm not really ready to alter the expensive beaded bra and belt set that I bought early in the year.....but it is so fun pulling together the perfect costume, my 2 for August continue to evolve...the skirt I'm wearing is a black chiffon that flows really well, I currently have a pair of harem pants that are black cotton....I bought some black eyelet fabric to make harem pants but I'm considering to buy some black chiffon ....even though  they are shear I will have a shawl wrapped around my skirt plus a shimmy belt so my essential have no chance of being I will have of course have "unders" on......I think the Chiffon harem pants will be the perfect choice, I wonder chiffon is hard to sew....anyone Know?  Saturday I bought a black shawl with gold pastelletes hanging all over it.....the shimmy belt will go on top of it......I think the shawls will add a nice layered effect! I don't know if you remember that I bought a portable DVD player....I'm finally using it .....currently I'm watching the 1st season of the Gilmore Girls....I love the little "Dialogue Zingers" that all through out show.  bye for now Diane


wallstreetsmart said...

Happy Bellydancing ! I miss performing, I had a lot of fun when I did. Rakassah is the big festival here in CA that people fly out for. I designed my own costume and choreographed my routine last year. Too bad I can't sew :(

I am glad to know that bellydance brings you so much happiness. I really hope that you will post pics up here soon. I would love to hear all about the details :)

frdbrow7 said...

Not on the computer much at the moment, so late with my comments.  Still hoping to see your costume soon!  I like the idea of chiffon harem plants - very sexy!  But yes, chiffon is difficult to sew.  Trying to remember what I did to make it easier, I think it was to use a large stitch.  The material tends to slip whilst you're trying to machine two pieces together, and it can gather up when you don't want it to.  I think using a thin cotton and a thin needle helps but it is so longer ago that I was into sewing.

bye for now