Wednesday, July 23, 2008

nap time

Do you ever get hope from work and just want to go to sleep....that is the beauty of living alone your time is your time.....I haven't been sleeping well the last 3 Yorkie Teddy (she has early stages of Kidney disease) keeps waking me up through out the night, sometimes she is hungry sometimes she needs to go outside....anyway the result is not much uninterrupted sleep......tonight I worked late so I missed my turbo bellydancing class (I wasn't going to spend 4 dollars of gas to workout for less than half an hour) so I opted to take a 2 1/2 hour nap, when I laid down I really didn't think I would fall asleep....can you say dead to the world! So all I can tell you is that I'm losing ground this week on shaping up before Yaa Halla Ya'll! One dress rehearsal and class photo down 2 to go....tomorrow I have a private lesson for 2 of the dances that I have to test out on to go qualify to move up to the next level...directly after the private lesson it will be time for the 2nd dress rehearsal and class photo...I'm wearing a different costume and wig in each photo....why look the same in 3 photos in the same year book...keep um guessing or thinking your Crazy! night Diane

1 comment: said...

I read your entries all the time & enjoy them.  Have fun belly dancing.  I'm doing fine.  I agree, post some pictures.