Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday....Happy Friday

It's Friday .....happy days are here again...for a short work week it sure has seemed long.....after being off for 6 days the reentry can be hard. Well tomorrow I have 2 bellydancing classes and in the turbo bellydancing it is weigh in day ....yuck....I think I'm going to have to start focusing on just adding more exercise to my week and less focus on the food aspect...the minute I'm on a diet I'm hunger all day long....

Well our big Belly Dancing performance is about 5 weeks away....I can dance 3 different dance because I go to 3 different advanced one classes.....the Thursday night class' dance is is a choreography that I know but it has zills added to ask me dance and play brain hasn't caught on yet....there is also a Wed mid day class....I love the dance they are doing.....I'm thinking about taking some vacation time and attending maybe their class the last 3 weeks if I can perform their dance....I needed to talk to Isis and get her blessing.....the class members may not like it but hey they will get over it! Besides one of the requirements is that I have to perform it to move up to the next level.....hopefully I will be prepared to test out of 3 of the required 4 dance test outs after Yaa Halla Ya'll in Sept....that is my goal.....I need to get off my kester and practice at home.....the problem is I live in a small apt with a very, tiny living is the only area that I can dance in....oh well I just need to do it ...later Diane

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