Friday, November 7, 2008


Hi All....I'm so happy to have 4 cool! I have taken today as a vacation day, Crown Violet Belly dancing troupe has a performance tomorrow and there are some things that I didn't want to worry about having time to do so thus the day off.....i was very tired last night and welcomed the sleep in this am. I'm about to head off to Nia dance class and then my errands begin. Oh by the way "Ice Pony" I love your journaling about horseback riding....I must admit I haven't been focused on riding my Gracie over the last year but reading your blog the riding bug may hit me!

More later .....Diane


Winivere said...

Hi Begonia. I foun* you thru San*ra. I am happy to meet you. LOL

Winivere said...

PS... I am from Texas, too!

ada said...

I love that you love belly dancing. allow me to be follower #6! Looking forward to reading your blog.