Friday, November 28, 2008

Hi all and a belated Happy Thanksgiving....this chickaroo did not wake up at dawn and hit the stores....I was all snuggled up in bed.....I actually slept over 11 hours......over the last week that I have been on vacation that is the way it has been ....I stay up until about 1:30 am and then sleep to about 12:00ish....I'm just going with it, evidently my body needs it (or I'm more depressed than I realized)...soon enough it will be back to getting an average of 6 hours of sleep so I'm going to enjoy it while I can. My Thanksgiving was enjoyable...I made homemade yummy Mac and cheese, corn casserole, buttermilk pie and iced brownies. My Mom's side of the family gathered at my sisters home....I stuck to my Intuitive diet concept and ate what I wanted and stopped when I felt full ....I can't believe how quickly I really start to feel full and in the past when the food was yummy I would just keep eating....I'm retraining myself to listen to my body and assure myself that I can eat later when I feel hungry again....(the one element that I haven't done very well at is getting more exercise for the pleasure of it ......I've been in the dumps lately and I'm doing good to go to the 3 days of belly dancing a week....I guess I need to kick myself in the rear and just do it. I ended the evening by dropping by my Dad's house, to see him and my step Mom (she had recent back surgery) we took them both big plates of food for them to enjoy. I think they were happy that my sister, my oldest daughter and I came by...I normally don't see them on Thanksgiving so it was nice to do a drive by for a quick group hug.
I do think I will venture out to JoAnn's there was a quilting book that I fell in love with on Tuesday and I have a 40% off coupon that I can use starting today...I will save 8 dollars... I'm getting the quilting bug has been years since I was passionate about it......I do know that I need to add something creative back into my life as an outlet....I think I will be a happier person.....over the last 14 months my focus has really only been on work and belly dancing ...I have decided I need more balance in my life....adding quilting back into my life and joining the local Quilt guild would be a start....I also need to push myself to get back to an Illustrated Discovery Journal..... you wouldn't believe the stack of magazines that I have that I could put to good use.... more later.. diane


Gaboatman said...

If you are on vacation, don't worry for a minute about staying up then sleeping late. Just enjoy! Glad you got to spend Thanksgiving seeing all your family. Thanks for droping in over at "Dock Lines..."

marti said...

hi from marti
thanks for visiting!

Winivere said...

I L-0-V-E SLEEP!!!!! lol

Winivere said...

PS...put your survey on my blog. =.)

Leslie said...

Sleep sounds goooood. I didn't hit the stores either, well wait.. I kinda did but only because I had to work for a few hours. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too!!!!