Sunday, November 30, 2008

My vacation is over : (

Well just a few more hours till I hit the bed and my vacation is over...I didn't accomplish all that I wanted to but I did more than I thought I would....main thing my apartment is beginning to shape up.....I see the light at the end of the tunnel....I have way too many clothes and books....maybe over Christmas vacation I can focus on those 2 areas....I have to be happy with microsteps and not get overwhelmed and do nothing! Eventually if I ever get married I will need an organizer and a maid to come in periodically......I'm just no good at either organizing or cleaning. I need to spend more time at home.......18 months of going to classes almost on a daily basis really took my apt to hell in a handbag!
I uploaded a picture to that my Step Mother took on Thanksgiving..... I hoping that it may help and peak someone interest......One man did respond to my wink and we have exchanged several emails....he was at the airport about to depart and said he will write more when he reaches the UK ....keep your fingers would be so nice to be dating someone during the holiday trifecta (<- I know I didn't spell it right) Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day.....Last year the Man I was dating broke up with me on Christmas.....he and his Ex wife decided things weren't over with them... I was just collaratel damage!



Leslie said...

Broke up with your on Christmas.. what a creep!! Nobody breaks up on Christmas. I hope that you find that someone special soon. Good luck with the, You'll probably have some fun man"shopping". lol.

Celeste said...

Good luck!