Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sorry it's been so long

Hi to my 2 followers from my aol journal .....I'm so happy to see you followed me over here. I sure would like to follow your journals because I'm sure you have moved them since the end of Oct is looming. This past month has been full of change and my head is still twirling a bit and my mood and body don't do well with a lot of change at one time. One good thing that has happen in the last few weeks is that I have reconnected with my friends at Blue Anjou and I'm taking 3 -5 classes a sure seems longer than 6 months since I've been there but everyone are just the same loving community they were months ago, they have welcomed me with open arms....I'm so blessed! I have also started a Hula class, I wasn't sure I wanted to make the 40 mile round trip for the class but I really like the dance and it used different muscle and I'm sure it will help my hand movements in belly dancing. Nothing happening on the dating scene this month....I had a date a few weeks ago that looked nothing like his photo on match.....the pictures must have been 10 years old.....I didn't recognize him when he spoke to love connection there. I was talking to the wonderful owner of Blue Anjou and I was telling her how I felt that maybe I had used up all my love cards for this lifetime, she told me to rethink it and tell myself that I have saved the best Love Card for now! I like that and I'm trying to convince my mind of it!


Senorita said...

Long Time, no post ! Nice to see you up here again :)

Sorry to hear about the bad experiences on Match. I was on Match this summer and had some bad experiences myself. Keep your head up :)

Astaryth said...

Eh! The universe will provide. That's what I've always said. At 39 I had decided that I had enough of the whole dating thing and would just settle for good friends and living for me (and all the furkids), 1 year later I was seeing G and we have been together for almost 9 years now.