Sunday, November 23, 2008

My weekend

Well, I'm on vacation but it doesn't seem like a vacation yet.....hopefully it will set it and I will relax. I went to a C &W dancing establishment two nights in a row hoping to run back into a guy that I met last weekend... and I kind of blew him off because he was coming on a little too much...kind of desperate...after thinking about it I decided that I didn't give him a fair chance and thought that I might run into him again....NOT....I guess it wasn't meant to be... On Friday night a guy walk right up to me and said my name, I had no clue who he was....turns out he was a guy I went out once in Feb. (eHarmony date) it didn't take me very long to remember .....when he repeatedly stuck out his tongue and it was Pointed ...yuck a pointed tongue....keep it in your mouth please....for everyones sake!
My Mom had a birthday (she is 76 ...very hard to believe) on Thursday so it was time to have a birthday lunch to celebrate.....great Mexican food and good company (My Mom and Aunt Pat).
I've taken myself off Mirapex and feeling the effects daily. All the horrible symptoms I had 2 years ago..... horrible feelings in my arms and legs ....right now I can barely type because my arms feel like there are tight bands around them.... I may have to try a different med but so afraid of the weight gain.....
Next performance is scheduled for December 6th Holiday at the Hall celebration....dancing on the main stage ..... hopefully I will get the choreography down and can dance a 2nd dance.
Happy Holidays....I need to journal all the things that I have to be very Thankful is so easy to take things in your life for granted. diane


Leslie said...

Wow.. belly dancing, Now I would look funny doing that!!! I bet it is great exercise. Thank you for visiting my journal, I always welcome new friends. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Nancy said...

Belly dancing? Very interesting!
Hello, I found you at Betty's blog (a corgi) nice to meetcha..Nancy

Winivere said...

Hey, you are on a roll!! That's great!! Still waiting for pics!