Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi All,

Well back to the real world.....after 16 days off from work I'm heading back today...wouldn't you know that my sweet dog Teddy....(14 yrs old) has thrown up this morning and has the runs.....I can tell you I will make several trips home during the day to check on her!

As for my News Eve date it was FABULOUS......we supposed to meet at 7:00 but I had to change to 8:00 due to the apartment maintenance guys showing up to install a new dishwasher (I have been hand washing dishes for 21 days I wasn't about to turn them away....anyway I was an hour and a half behind schedule and hadn't even been to the stables to do my daily horsey chores....I called my date and it wasn't a problem at all ..... (good test to see how flexible he is and if he is a control freak so far so good.....
Well we meet in the parking lot around the downtown Main street area where there are a lot of restaurants and he was waiting in his truck.....when I first saw him I was thrilled that he was cuter in person Thank you Thank you Thank you!.....and I couldn't believe it but he brought me a bouquet of flowers (he had them in his truck and went back to get them....I'm sure he wanted to see me before he gave them to me, just in case I was uglier than my picture : )....that about knock me over! Our date was supposed to be a drink and dash date but we ended up having dinner and dancing the night away...we held hand and a smooch at midnight....we stayed until they closed the place down. He knew about every person in the place, I felt a little awkward but settled myself down and just went with the flow. He was so much fun and wanted to go to breakfast but I called it a night....I felt like I should end it on a good note and hopefully we would have a 2nd date. Well I got a terrific knock you off your feet kiss goodbye.....he asked me to call him to let him know I made it home ok... which I did. Over the weekend he went to his deer lease......I received 2 emails from him yesterday but no phone call.....I will have to wait and see if there will be a follow up date....I would be shocked if there wasn't...but I've been surprised in the past......he may just be playing the field...he is new to online dating and sometimes guys get the big head with how many woman are out their and ready to go out on a date.....(he dated someone over the summer and they broke it off with him and ended up dating a friend of his). Keep your fingers crossed that he actually calls me this week....if he doesn't I will have my answer!


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Jimmy's Journal said...

Sounds like you had a good evening and that's what counts. One step at a time.