Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Accidental New Years date

Happy New Year to everyone....I'm sitting here trying to think of some outstanding accomplishments for 2008 and what I can boils down to is I spent the year pushing my comfort zones ........Belly Dance performances and I pushed myself to go on more dates...I must say non of the dates moved past the 1st date.....in most cases my decision not to pursue it due to lack of chemistry......(although I had a date about 2 weeks ago with a man that I would consider going on another date with). Now onto my accidental New Years date..........I recently began to chat with a guy (online dating site) through emails and it quickly ended up in a phone call last night (I had to call quickly before I chicken out) anyway when we were hanging up he asked if I would be interested in getting together for a drink.....and asked if I was free on Wed. (he thought Thursday was New Years Eve) when I told him that it was NYE he asked if I wanted to go with him to his friends home who is throwing a party.....I declined.....I've never met him and it may turn out to be One drink and got to Run date. After so many disappointing 1st dates I think the best 1st date would be to pass each other on a street corner and if you like what you see you could plan a real date. I guess I'm tainted from too many disappointing dates. I will have to let you know how it goes tomorrow night....wish me luck.


Celeste said...

Just remember if you think you will be disappointed...you probably will be. Good luck and Happy New Year.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Serendipity is the art of finding something you weren't looking for. I never go out expecting more than seeing my friends and enjoying the evening. If something comes to pass then so be it.


CINDY said...

hi, i am coming your way through carlenes journal. i like your journal and if you don't mind i would like to follow it. don't worry when mr. right comes along you will know it. i am a strong believer in the saying good things come to those who wait. wishing you the best for the new year.fargen