Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Green Mile

I'm back at work with the rest of the walking on the street is that the people being impacted by the layoff will be informed on January 28th....the stress is getting to everyone.....tonight I got home around 7:30 and I was so tired I dropped the groceries on the counter, put a few things in the fridge and I couldn't get to the bed fast enough......Boy I had a flash back to 2 years ago when exhaustion would hit out of no where and I would almost have to lay down where every I was...I'm sure this extreme stress is bringing it back on plus the fact that I took myself off Mirapex without talking to the Dr. (I have a Dr appt in about 2 weeks....maybe their is something that will help without all the horrible side effects...weight gain etc.)
Guy update (the guy from the great News Years Eve date) in his last email he asked me a question so I answered his question on what I did on Sat night and absolutely no response back....I can see that he is on the dating web site many times a day without sending me even an email ..... he obviously is pursuing his next catch..... online dating never ceases to amaze is hard to compete with the ever non ending line of women standing in line for the same men... oh well I keep reminding myself that it just takes "1" .
night di


nicenoelle said...

Awww... I feel for you. These times are terrible for business and Men! I have been married to a man for 20 years, can't really trust him either though.. Maybe if you don't try so hard love will find you! As far as you're career at least you aren't alone in it. I am finding out at the end of the monthg wether I keep my job with the Corporation I work for also.

pam said...

I hope you get good news about your job. This is such a nerve wrecking time. Get some good rest, and I wish you a great weekend.

Senorita said...

I really hope that you get to keep your job. I am sorry about the stress level.

Online dating is so rough, it makes people more disposable. I know how rough it can be out there.

Michelle said...

I hope things are looking up on the job front and the man front! Keep your head up about the online dating. I met my DH thru the newspaper ads LOL before online dating was the big thing and let me tell you the men I dated before I only went if we had something WONDERFUL planned so at least I was doing something great while out in case they were big jerks. So have some fun...think of it as a fun night out! Good Luck!

Stuart Maughan said...

Sorry about the man problem. Sensitive persons can off times be crushed. Attitude is important, we can have a good time, get to know one another, if it sticks, Great, if not, move on. Feeling, I know, are hard to harness............... Now weight and beauty, on the other hand, which you have, can be be naturally adjusted. Marlyn and I have recently learned that leptin resistance is a major drawback to consistent weight control. See our post on this subject. Thank you for sharing. We love your post.