Sunday, December 28, 2008

8 more vacation days

I can't believe how much TV I can watch in one day....I still haven't had much motivation (too much emotion spent worrying about possible lay offs at work). I have been watching marathons of NCIS, Big Break X Michigan and today I watched Highway 18 (who would have guessed I would enjoy watching Golf reality competitions shows when I never played a round of golf). Every day I have gotten some things accomplished around my apartment hopefully over the next 8 days I will get myself out of the Blues that I'm been experiencing and get motivated to do more!
I have spent a great deal of time finding new blogs to read.....there are so many interesting journals it is endless.....a few of the weight loss journals had reviews of Marylou Retton's scale designed to help you lose weight in 10 lb increments.....well I bought one for a chrismas present to myself.......well I wish I hadn't.....with my new approach to dieting based on 2 books"Intuitive Eating" "The Rules of Normal Eating". Basically it boils down to getting back in touch with your body and waiting to eat until you are trully hunger and Stopping when you begin to fill foods are off limits (with time this helps rid your self of binges that occur when you deny yourselves from "forbidden foods". What is surprising is just how fast you really get full ...... and it takes a lot of self control to stop eating at the point of being ful when the food you are eating tastes so good. Anyway getting back to my not liking the Marylou Retton scale is that Intutive Eating is more effective if you don't weigh know how water weight and other bodily funtions effect your weight and if the scale says the wrong number it ruins your day and your efforts to be a normal eater.....having formally been an anorexic it would be nice to be a normal eater (not dieting all the time or constantly feeling bad about food) and just get to my natural body weight. Sorry not a very upbeat entry.

Well that is all for now....Diane

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