Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Made it through another week


Another week down.....2 weeks since the news of 40% lay off of my dept.
*Depression has hit
*I haven't gone to a single belly dancing class or Nia class in 2 weeks
*On the weekends sleeping about 12 hours (surprised my dog Teddy is agreeable to that much sleep)
*Going to bed early during the week
*I guess I'm getting down to the basics so My focus is on doing the best job I can ...... I certainly don't want a major screw up at work .....when they are deciding who gets to remain
*Ordered books on choosing the right career (just in case)
*Holding off on writing a resume and ordering how to write a good resume and how to interview (don't want to put bad mojo out in the universe)
*Don't think I'm putting up a Christmas tree up this year (I love christmas trees and collect ornaments)
*A guy from Match that we had been exchanging emails and a few calls.....was suppose to call and let me know when a good time to meet over coffee has disappeared.....the old something better came along on response is a response.
*There is a little bit of hope another man on Match is emailing....he is a little older than I would normally go for but he seems like a grounded person and didn't run when I let him know about the possible lay offs....I think his company is going through the same thing
*Visit to the Oncologist yesterday let me know that my Iron level in my blood is remains high but not at the point that we would need to take action...go back in a year....if I have medical insurance
*Love watching sappy Christmas movies ..... must have a happy ending
*If I'm blessed with keeping my job I have gotten a wake up call...I will be spending less and saving more and down sizing my belongings in case I have to move


Brandi said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending good vibes.

Maybe I should try, everyone raves about it but I'm too scared to try another dating site. BOO

Senorita said...

I hope that you'll get back into bellydance soon. I took a year off from it, and when I stopped dancing, I became more depressed. I think bellydance will help you keep your sanity during this economic depression.

I am happy to hear that you still have your job and I hope that it stays that way.