Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow..... I just wrote a long hard felt blog entry and poof it was gone......I'm not Happy. Up early trying to decide if I will get up early on a vacation day for my weekly weigh in at Weight watchers ...yesterday I weighed here at home and it wasn't good....up 3 lbs....how is that possible when I've been within my daily points and exercised everyday...granted not my banner week in the exercise dept. but really. I just weighed and I'm about what I was last weigh in may be with the help of some bodily functions between now and 9:30 maybe I will lose at least 1/2 lb. I just don't want there to be a weight gain.... I would be so disappointed. One area where I pushed myself last week was going back to Belly Dancing class at my old studio, I hadn't been in over 8 months ( I had kind of a MeLt DoWn......I was going overboard...pushing myself way too hard.....8 hours or more of classes a week, all the classes learning different dances....plus I had tested out within record time to another level and dealing with some really competitive dancers.....I began to lose confidence in my dancing abilities and it wasn't fun any more and then the Biggie was a huge lay off scare at work.....took every ounce of energy I had ...... trying to make sure I didn't have a huge screw up at work when they were in there decision making of the lucky few who would remain. Just too much Stress) I had recently also gotten rid of all the thousands of dollars worth of costumes, zills, shimmie scarfs, DVD's, Wigs and music but 2 friends asked me if I was still dancing (one blogger friend) and a friend from the studio asked me to come back.... I don't know something just clicked and the desire to dance began to work it way back into my heart (plus I missed the personal identification of being a dancer...silly I know but it was like the creative side of me was wasting away). Well, I took the plunge and called the owner of the studio to ask her #1 would she allow me to return #2 could I come back into the upper level class that I had tested out to be in...... to my surprise she said a big Yes and told me that she had missed me terribly.... Well, I went last Thursday night with the intention of doing it for the love of the dance and when to of the ladies in the class were making fun of others that weren't catching on as fast as they were..... I just thought how silly they were acting..... I may perform at the Huge event in mid August.... if I don't that is OK too. Diane

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Senorita said...

Im glad you're getting back into dance. I've taken a year break from it, and when I did that I felt like a part of me died.

I've never heard another woman here in my classes being teased if she wasn't catching on. That's just a no-no in bellydance.

Here it doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, how much you weigh or how much experience you have. If you want to bellydance, you are welcome to dance and are accepted.

It really is all about the love of the dance. I hope that you explore all types of bellydance too, such as the veil, double veil and possibly sword. I was lucky that my first teacher was Egyptian and that her dances were straight from the heart.

Please keep us posted.