Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not so Bad

Not so bad
I thought this weigh in would be hopeless..... but I just got back and I loss almost 1 lb.... not my best week but heck I didn't gain. Last week I screwed up taking my birth control on time so that may have thrown my body into havoc.....I will just party on and take each day as it comes, I have the tendency to be pretty crazy about dieting ..... as with my new approach to belly dancing I need to just be proud of myself for all I have accomplished and not get so upset when things don't happen on my time frame. I do want to challenge myself to continue to do more than just walking on the treadmill....Over the last 2 weeks I've gone to Latin Rhythm dance class, Aqua Aerobics, Belly Dancing, Lesile Sasone Walking Aerobics w/ weighted balls and Weight Watchers Aerobic DVD. I need to break out one of my 50 Belly Dancing DVD's and give myself a crash course on the basic moves of Belly dancing....it is amazing how much your brain can dump when you are not using the skill.....hopefully it is like other muscle a little fine tune up and it will bounce back into my brain (Massive Stress doesn't help with memory either)!I recently ordered 2 bathing suits from Lands End (for Aqua Aerobics class) the first one arrived and there was virtually no bar in it.....no way was I going to go to LA fitness in a light tangerine colored suit with no bra..... the cool thing was that you can return the items at Sears, no need to ship it back to Lands End..... so when they offer free shipping it off sets the Taxes and if it doesn't work out just head for the nearest Sears.....so Cool... now that is being customer friendly! Di

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Senorita said...

When I took birth control, it was so much easier to gain weight. It also made me depressed. So not only was I about 15 lbs heavier, but I was also depressed. Not a winning combination.

I saw that the YaHalla ( I think I spelled that wrong) in Texas is coming up.

I just signed up for our dance fair here in CA for Sept. I think I will be doing the double veils.

Please keep us posted on your dance. Maybe you can post a picture ?