Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Journal Lucky Begonia's Dashboard Confessional

Hi all, I've started another blog a few months ago because I liked the name Lucky begonias dashboard confessional....anyway it is coming in handy since this journal will disapper in less than 26 days. Please come visit, I don't have many readers on this blog but the ones I have I would like to keep in touch with! Diane

So sad that AOL journals are going cease to exist....all those years of entries will disappear unless I can figure how to transfer them to another on-line journal...hey all you aol journal writers what do you plan to do? Well it has been forever since my last posting. I survived Yaa Halla Ya'll, my 2 performance their, the photo shoot, I tested out and was able to move up a level of belly dance (boy what a difference a level makes......I'm still in shock "Were not in Kansas anymore...Toto"

I've recently joined facebook, I'm still trying to figure out the in's and the out's of it.

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frdbrow7 said...

Hiya Diane, I will make a note of your new blog, and look forward to hearing your confessions!  I have started a new blog on the bloggers site that most of the aol journos are going to.  
If you want to keep your old journals, copy and paste them to a file on your c drive.  I always write out my blog entries in a file first, then copy and paste into my blog, so I have all my entries.  I am now copying all the comments to each entry, into the file.  Yes, shame, it is all coming to an end :-(

all the best