Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bounce, Bounce...i hate being dumped

Hi all,
A first happened yesterday.....I had performed in my 1st Belly dancing performance as a member of a new troupe "Crown Violet". Both my Father and Step Mother came to support me and Both of my daughters and their boyfriends also came to my debut! I don't know if it was a great performance but I have one under my belt now....and I can tell you that there are more to strange to find something you love doing when your almost 49! Look out 50 who knows what I will be up to then. Oh by the way

Oh by the way I have also taken up drumming classes at the Belly Dancing studio...hand drumming a doumbek used to play middle eastern music that belly dancers dance to ......I bought the most beautiful drum,,,inlaid mother of pearl and the design has a sultan and about 3 belly dancers on perfect for me! An update all the time I was posting over the last 5 months I was dating a guy Oct through Dec.....I didn't want to write about it and jinx it....well it didn't make a difference....he broke up
up with me on Christmas and went back to his exwife....What a horrible Christmas gift..I'm still crying over it on a daily basis.I keep hoping time will that the memories and the hurt and loss away...after all the failed relationships you would think I would be better at handling them but the hurt just compounds with each new one! I haven't given up on finding Love! d


frdbrow7 said...

So sorry to hear about you losing your boyfrend Diane - such a shame :-(  But good for you for doing your first belly dancing in front of all your family :-D  Your drum sounds beautiful, you will have to post a photo of it.
Carry on dancing and post us also a pic of you in your costume!

all the best

yakima127 said...

Wow!  Look what I have missed!  I cannot believe I missed this entry.  My alerts are not working for some reason.  I am missing so many entries, and I keep resetting them.
Anyway, back to YOU.
I am so sorry that your heart was broken, again.  You have to remember that men go back to their ex-wives, in fact PEOPLE in general go back to their ex spouses all the time. And is why so many will not date anyone who has "unfinished business" with their ex.  Like, a divorce not finalized, or a broken marriage with kids involved.  Hearing what you just went through makes me see very clearly why they have this rule for themselves. Such heart ache and pain...
I hope you continue to do things for yourself.  And you are doing some great things, girl!  Jae

wallstreetsmart said...

I just broke up with my ex about 4 months ago. He found another woman directly after me and is all of a sudden doing things for her that he never did for me. He lives in another state so I don't have to see them, luckily.......... But I can't tell you the pain I feel. I know what I am going through isn't what you're experiencing. But I understand the sadness.