Saturday, October 27, 2007

Suri .....My Dancer name!

Hi all, Well I gave myself through yesterday to have my pity party but no more...I'm getting ready to go dancing, meeting some friends...I don't really feel like going ....I probably won't dance all night but oh well you h ave to jump out of your comfort zone. Good news is I got my Belly Dancing name approved, there can't be another dancer with the same name (I know I'm a little ahead of myself but oh well....It was approved....My Dancer name is "Suri" in Hebrew it means Princess,,


yakima127 said...

This is good for you!!!  Suri is a cool name...J

wallstreetsmart said...

My dancer name is Amira, which means "Princess" in Egyptian. I guess we are both princesses of a different sort, lol.