Sunday, March 30, 2008

Belly Dancing Graduation celebration

Hi all,
I can't honestly tell you when I made the last entry.....Hi Winifred....sorry I haven't been timely in my updates.
I graduated from the intermediate beginners level, I will now move on to the Advanced 1...the graduation was something else I will actually have another graduation tomorrow night, my daughters will be attending...I hope I do well. We were all prepared to do our dance, which was first on the program...what we didn't know we would also be doing an impromptu veil then a dance impromptu

then we were called up to do a short solo....OMG ...I thought I would die.....I pulled it off, tomorrow night at least I will know what to expect.
I'd like to ask for everyone's prayers, my Mother is ill, I went to see her today and she doesn't look well at all... I tried to talk to her about things to look forward to once she gets well....I'm going to make more time to connecting with my family and friends.
FYI ...I've had 3 1st dates this love time will come.

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