Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm still here

Hi all,

It has been forever since I have had the umph to actually write a journal entry....sometimes just making it through what you are going through is difficult enough and to recount in writing is just too much to face.

About 2 weeks ago today I received a frantic phone from the emergency room, my Dad had had a heart attack and the Dr. didn't think he would make through the operation....(he was still recovering from an operation a week and half earlier) ..... come to find out my Dad had actually died in the emergency room but because it happened there they were about to bring him back to life....(Angels were differently looking after him that day!). Anyway the Dr was able to deal with one of the blocked arteries and will operate on the other blockage once he has fully recovered....(there is one blockage that they aren't even able to do anything with it).

Dad come home after nearly a week in the hospital......On Valentines Day Dad was sweet enough to invite me over to have a lovely meal with him and my Step was wonderful since I haven't had a sweetie to celebrate Valentine's day with in years.

Up date on my knitting escapades.... when I begin a new hobby I go whole hog and want to have all the bell and whistles...knitting needles of all shapes and sizes, wonderful magically expensive yarns, and books ect. well it floors me in these bad economic times that those that work at small home owned shops would appreciate those people who are choosing to let go of some of their hard earned dollars. The Knitting shop that I have taken my class as is where I have purchase a great deal of items....well I have made a 40 mile trek twice a week to go there.....over the past 5 weeks I have observed that those that should be there to help you seemed to view customers as a burden/interruption in their really has made me have a bad taste in my mouth, as a newbie to knitting I probably have more questions than an experienced knitter..... I decided not to go yesterday because I didn't want to deal with attitude....I have been dealing with attitude at work by some of the coworkers that have been notified that they are being laid off but are still at work.....they are nice to some of the others that have been chosen to remain but they are icing I can only deduct that they don't feel that I deserve to remain.....the person who is icing me the most was a it really has made me feel horrible...
Well enough of my of last night I have completed 2 daughters have each put in request for a is a good thing they want a scarf because that is all I feel like I can do right I have attempted to make a shawl and a shrug and they flopped and I had to pull it out and put it away for a while.......
Anyone out there watching the Bachelor, American Idol, Top Chef, The Amazing Race or the Jockies? If you want to share your thoughts on the show or make prediction on the outcomes please share....I guess that I like a lot of reality shows.....



Senorita said...

Hi Diane,

I am sorry to hear about your father, but I am so happy that he lived through it. On Wednesday my father got hit by a truck on his motorcyle and was taken to the emergency room. Luckily he only suffered from broken ribs. We are so lucky to still have our fathers.

I am glad you have a new hobby, but are you still in bellydance ? I hope that you still get to practice once in a while.

I am sorry about the treatment from your coworkers. They shouldn't take it out on you at all. You shouldn't feel guilty at all for having a job. My roommate recently lost his job and I can sense his resentment when I leave to go to work sometimes.

Good luck during these times. But the best things in life such as your father are still around.

wilsonc said...

Hang in there. It's difficult for frightened people to think of anything but what they are facing. Hopefully, they will work through their feelings and you will still remain friends with some of them.

Glad your Dad made it through his surgery. Doesn't it seem like when it rains it pours?

I like reality shows too. I am watching Jockies and American Idol when I can. I've never really liked the Amazing Race and I am starting to lose interest in The Bachelor. Mostly because they always think they are going to find their future wife or husband and it almost never works out that way.

I am a knitter too, although I'm not very good. Mostly it's just scarves. I started a sweater for my grandson a year or so ago and never finished it. Now I think I'm going to tear it out and use the yarn to make hats for all of my grandsons.

Coy said...

Thinking about you during your difficult time.
*** Coy ***