Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bevy of Bellydancers

It's been forever since I've dropped a line...more oof the same ....first dates that are either nice but no spark or just straight out NO WAY!  My Mom says I need to write a book on all my online dating sites 1st dates.....maybe....who knows....
My daughter Jennifer graduates from the 1st level of belly dancing tomorrow night....I'm so proud and then Robin will graduate the end of September.....In my family we are going to be a Bevy of Bellydancers!


frdbrow7 said...

See - here I am again!
Just to let you know that I read your journal.
I think folk do read journals, but then can't think of anything to say, it would be nice if they just said 'hi' so that you know you are not being ignored!

wallstreetsmart said...

OMG !! I love your journal ! Thanks for reading mine, I had no ideas that others actually read it. I am SO happy that I found another bellydancer out here......

I tried Match once and that lasted 6 months. I had some nice dates, but when they were bad they were HORRIFYING !!! I wrote about them in private journal, and I will add you to that if you want.

I hope that you post dance pics sometime.